Mavala – Madras *

Vet inte vad som tar åt mig, blev trött på Snowcrystal jättefort och lackade om till en annan röd, Mavalas Madras. Madras är ett av mina absoluta favoritlack och den enda röda som jag någonsin känt att jag behöver en backup av. Men det kanske ändras nu när jag letar röda lack som en blodhund, vem vet, kanske hittar massor av nya röda must-haves? Ge mig gärna tips! Det ska vara rött, rött, rött.

I’m in a red phase right now, do tell me your red favourites! This is one of my favourite reds, and the only one I feel I need a backup of so far. But I hope to discover more red must-haves.

Collection: Core.
I’ve always thought of Mavala’s formula as a little watery and hard to control. But you get used to it, and I don’t mind it now. This is two coats and top coat. It needs two coats, for the inner glow to come out.
Dry time:
Longer than I think is comfortable, but not so long I won’t use it.
Finish & colour:
Wonderful deep red shimmer, I’ve actually changed my mind, this is a metallic polish, it glows from within and turns darker around the edges. This shade of red makes me think of gemstones, open fire and velvet. And of spices! I absolutely adore the name Madras.
Curiosity of the day:
The city of Madras is now called Chennai and is the sixth largest city of India. Read more about Chennai here.

*This post has been updated with new and improved photos.


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