Egyptian manicure

Jag är ledsen för blogguppehållet. Det började med att bilduppladdningen inte fungerade men de senaste dagarnas händelser i Egypten har fått gå före allt annat. Det som händer i Egypten nu är historiskt.p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Nu föds den egyptiska demokratin. Precis nu slåss det egyptiska folket för att få andas igen, för att slippa leva i statsterrorism. Jag har väntat på denna dag i hela mitt liv. För mig kommer världen aldrig mer bli sig lik – från ett land där demonstrationer och folksamlingar varit olagliga i trettio år till att se tiotusentals människor skandera “ned med Mubarak” på Egyptens gator är så stort så jag kan inte förklara det med ord.

I’m sorry for the lack of posting. It started with a blogger malfunction but the last couple of days following the events in Egypt has taken precedence over everything else. What is happening in Egypt now is historical. Right now the Egyptian democracy is being born. Right now the Egyptian people is fighting for its freedom from tyranny and state terrorism. I’ve been waiting for this day all my life. 

Imagine a country where demonstrations have been illegal for 30 years. Where you can be picked up and thrown into a police van for no reason, where you know every election is a sham, where you’re not allowed to own certain books. And then imagine tens of thousands walking in the streets with loud brave voices declaring that Mubarak is not going to oppress us for another day… It’s so impossible. And yet it is happening right now.

Today i finally heard from family and friends. They say what they fear most is the police returning to the streets, since it’s them who vandalize and loot the most. Our neighbours tell us they have organized a neighbourhood watch and are protecting our house too. I keep watching the news and keep hoping I won’t see a familiar face covered in blood.

I want to share with you this picture. These are my countrymen, arm in arm, suit next to jeans, making a human chain around the beloved Cairo Museum to protect our (and by our I mean the whole world’s) history. These are my countrymen, the real spirit and soul of Egypt, and I am so proud of them I can hardly keep the tears back. This is democracy being born, this is what it looks like. Every country has to earn its democracy. It is not something that comes easily and that is something that we need to remember every day. Democracy is earned and fought for and the minute we forget that is the minute we stop deserving it.

Demokrati är en färskvara!

Oh and the nails! This is the Egyptian flag. The red is my favourite Color Club with no name, the white is Swedish low budget brand Depend, the black too, and the yellow is HM Being on the A-list. All covered with SV. This is my first nail art, if you can call it that, and I got the inspiration to try it the first night Egypt was without internet and I couldn’t sleep all night. I’m so grateful to have a bunch of polishes to turn to for distraction in times like these *grin*. Next post won’t be political at all, I promise!

Jag blir jätteglad av kommentarer och uppskattar varenda en! För enkelhets skull svarar jag i samma tråd.

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