OPI Ridge Filler

I’ve been using OPIs ridge filler for several months and now it’s review-time!

Sadly, my very first impression of it was negative. The formula was way thicker than I expected and it was really hard to manage on the nail. With thick coats it did even out the ridges but instead it left bumps and lumps of its own. The trick is to get the right amount on the brush and brush it onto the nail in one stroke, and then keep away from it until it dries. The wide brush actually made this easy once I got used to it, but I still needed to keep the coat really thin to avoid dragging and lumps.
That meant I needed two layers to get a completely smooth nail, but I hardly ever take the time to do that, which off course means the ridge filling effect is not optimal.

To conclude, the formula is okay once I mastered the application technique, as is the drying time for thin coats, but the end result isn’t what I want in a ridge filler.  Also taking in consideration that OPI is quite expensive here in Sweden I probably will not continue using this product.
I actually prefer some of the budget brand ridge fillers out there, like Depend for example. The downside of budget brand base coats however is you get all those cheap chemicals directly on your nail instead of getting a buffer between the goo and your body.

Now I’m on a hunt for a new base coat, preferably a ridge filler. What base coats do you guys use? Any recommendations?

3 thoughts on “OPI Ridge Filler

  1. Katarina: Rekommenderar den inte..
    Jovisst kan jag göra det, fast det kommer ta lite tid :)

    Nailtastic: Det tycker jag också. Fortsätter jakten..

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