Same blog, new home

Welcome to Lacky Nails’ new home.
Below is a screen shot of where this blog originates from. A happy amateur, I worked really hard on its html code and thought I had succeeded in constructing a functioning and pretty blog. But a couple of days ago when I was checking it out on a friend’s computer it showed its true and ugly face. It was nothing like what I saw on my screen. Now, being a full time student and an employee too, I realized it was time to give up the html-attempts. Since I don’t want to delete it I figured the best solution was to move the whole thing and start over. So here I am! I hope all you lovelies  will join me and I hope you’ll approve of this new setting.

4 thoughts on “Same blog, new home

Jag blir jätteglad av kommentarer och uppskattar varenda en! För enkelhets skull svarar jag i samma tråd.

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