More new beauties!

Hiya girls! I think I’ve slept for 24 hours, that’s why I haven’t been posting. I blame this sleepiness on the “monster moon”. Have you seen how huge it is?

I’ve had a little swap with Annie and today I swatched one of my new beauties, OPI Chop-Sticking to my Story from last year’s Hong Kong collection. I’ve been wanting this for a long time and was this close (holding my finger tips really close together) to buying in in Riga – but I was a fool and didn’t. That made me want it even more! And now it’s mine, yay.

Sorry for the sloppy application. I’ll post a full review another day, I’m just soo tired right now… crawling back to the sofa with a pot of tea and a huge pile of chocolate to have a Star Trek marathon.

4 thoughts on “More new beauties!

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