News from Head2Toe

Okay, I finally received an answer from the guys over at Head2Toe about them not shipping China Glaze outside the US anymore. Two sentences:

Unfortunately, at this item, we cannot ship any China Glaze products outside the United States per the manufacturer’s direction.  If you have family member or friends in the United States, we can ship it there.

So I guess that’s it for a while. Too bad I didn’t click that buy-button before this happened… argh! I must email China Glaze and ask them what the f.

I need my CG-fix!

14 thoughts on “News from Head2Toe

    • Har kollat hos TD men de flesta lack jag vill ha just nu är out of stock.. men i värsta fall får det bli dem. Kanske man bör skynda sig, ifall CG börjar strula med TD också.

  1. Hi, I found your website through Sanna’s (Purity). Actually I’m quite certain that if you make the purchase anyway, they’ll ship it. Officially they can’t, which is why they’re telling you that, but I’ve purchased China Glaze from head2toe regardless of their policy and had it delivered safely to France ;-)

    • Sanna’s so sweet :) I was actually thinking of doing just that, but this little voice keeps telling me “what if it doesn’t work”. But if it worked for you then it really should work for me too!

        • I should’ve tried, but now I’ve allready used TD. Ah well, I guess I must place another order :)

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