So long for a while!

Hi everyone, tomorrow I’m getting on a plane and I have no idea when I’ll be able to post again. Worst case it won’t be for two weeks. I hope not though.
These are some of the polishes I wanted to post before my trip but didn’t have time to. Too bad my daylight bulb broke too, I haven’t been able to take any decent pics. However, since I’m going to Egypt, the land of the sun, I hope I’ll get some decent pictures while I’m there! Just pray I don’t end up in the middle of the demonstrations that are planned to take place the same evening my plane lands… I’m a bit nervous. Keep your fingers crossed! See you soon polish lovers.

2 thoughts on “So long for a while!

  1. Kom tilbaka snart och välbehållen! Såg ett par lack där som gör sig bra mot sandbakgrund med. :D

Jag blir jätteglad av kommentarer och uppskattar varenda en! För enkelhets skull svarar jag i samma tråd.

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