Mavala Adelaide

This is Adelaide, a polish I picked up last summer from Mavala’s permanent line. It’s one of those polishes I don’t really know why I have. For some reason I’m drawn to it even though I don’t like it very much, probably because it’s very regular and non-offensive. However, every time I use it, I feel a little bored. You know what I mean?

Collection: permanent
Application: 3 coats. Kind of watery but not hard to manage. Typical Mavala I’d say.
Dry time: Acceptable
Finish & colour: Medium pink with silver shimmer. Visible brush strokes but not those really ugly ones.
Total: 2/5

8 thoughts on “Mavala Adelaide

  1. det är superfint på nära håll som på dina bilder men på lite håll som man normalt ser ett lack så är det inte så skoj, jag förstår dig helt :)

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