HM – On Ice

Igår snubblade jag över denna lilla goding på H&M, ett cremelack som står och väger mellan att vara edgy och snällt, precis så som jag gillar mina jobb-lack. Formulan påminde mig om Tippex, fast smörigare och det lade sig fint på nageln med bara ett lager. Får mig att tänka på OPI Stranger Tides, fast kall, utan de gula tonerna.

Yesterday I found this little treat at H&M, a nice mix of edgy and appropriate, just the kind of polish shade I like to wear at work. Application was so nice of this one, it sort of reminded me of White-Out but way more buttery and covering in one coat. Makes me think of OPI Stranger Tides but cooler, with no yellow tones.

Collection: One of two limited edition-polishes with Bambi theme, fall 2011
Application: One coat, even though it’s a bit chalky.
Dry time: A little on the long side. I wouldn’t use it without a fast drying aid of some kind, SV or Scratch Quick Dry or something of that kind.
Finish & colour: Nice gray creme with clear green tones.
Total: 5/5
Curiosity of the day: “Goodbye” came from “God bye” which came from “God be with you.”

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