Prismatic neon jelly sandwich extended

The layering spirit must have taken total possession of me this week end, but there was still enough of me left to grab the camera and take some pictures of the whole chain of events.
It started with a vague idea of making a flakie sandwich, so I grabbed my well used bottle of Nfu Oh 47 and applied one coat of it over my jelly sandwich from last post. This happened:

This wasn’t really what I wanted, the flakies were gobbled up by the prismatic glitter undereath and didn’t scream anything, it was more like a faint flake whisper.

So then I thought – why not cover this with a coat of Misa duo-chromatic Phazers on Stunning to see if something will pop?

Sadly, there was no duo-chromatic effect at all. I think PoS is too weak in this context, I should have used a polish with stronger effect to start with, maybe Color Club Wild and Willing.

Moving on. To finish this experiment I finally threw on one coat of China Glaze White Cap:

Which made it look both green and golden, almost frosty. The prismatic glitter still isn’t completely smothered, at least on some spots.

Now, some of you’d call this a terrible waste of good polish. I’m inclined to agree with you… But it wasn’t me, it was the layering ghoul!
What would you have put on next?

2 thoughts on “Prismatic neon jelly sandwich extended

  1. Men kan aldrig layera för mycket! :D Jag gillar faktiskt hur det ser ut med bara flakserna på. Men det kanske syns mer på bilderna än på riktigt..?

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