The Apple Giveaway

Finally! I get around to posting this giveaway I’ve been planning since fall.
I got the idea to this when Steve Jobs passed away. It felt right to organize an Apple-themed giveaway, partly as a tribute to the courage of an innovator and partly to put together a little “fruit basket” of some of my very favourite brands as a thanks to you for reading my little blog.

The nice people at Zoya Sweden, and Swedish brands Scratch Nails and Kicks, are generously sponsoring with two polishes of each. That means this giveaway will be double, one part national and one international, both parts with the same polishes. The Swedish part has one DKNY Golden Delicious perfume.

The polishes:
Scratch NailsOne Apple a Day
KicksArmy Jacket and Cannes Carpet (the names aren’t apple-related, but I think the colours are :))

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post. Just give me a valid email address and say if you’re Swedish or international. Only one entry per person and you can participate in either the Swedish or the international part, not both. The giveaway is open until February 12th, that’s two weeks. I’ll let the winners know by email. Good luck!

Off course I will be very happy if you like Lacky Nails on Facebook, or follow me in some other way, Bloglovin or Twitter for example. (You’ll find all that stuff in my side bar.)

This giveaway is now closed. The winners are announced here. Thanks for entering everyone, and thanks for all your kind comments. I had so much fun with this and hope to host another giveaway soon again. <3

125 thoughts on “The Apple Giveaway

  1. Oooh, I love themed giveaways, and this is such a great theme! My email: did.someone.say.nailpolish(at)gmail (dot) com (international part of the giveaway).

    Otherwise I like you on FB (my private account) and I think I follow you on bloglovin’ too, but since I prefer email subscription, I don’t check it regularly. :)

  2. Åh vilka fina vinster, kul med temat också!
    Vill ha allt som är på bilden, är så sugen på DKNY!
    Tävlar i svenska delen, så klart :)

  3. Jag vill gärna vara med och då på den svenska delen.
    Satt precis och kollade igenom din blogg en rejäl stund (vilket kanske gav spår i statistiken) medan jag letade efter Klean Colors Transparent Red som du hade på din flickr. Eller den kanske inte har blivit postad här? Förbannat snygg färg dock. Måste köpa den.

  4. Wow, what a great idea! Thanks for this giveaway :) I would like to enter the international giveaway – I’m in New Zealand. Keep up the great work with your awesome blog!

  5. Hello
    thank you for this giveaway!!, I follow you on Facebook now so that I won’t be missing new posts

    I’d like to enter , please,

    I’m from France, so i’m an international follower

    Thank you

  6. Those incredible ‘edible’ colors *_*
    Thank your for this green sparkling :)
    I’m an international reader from Hungary.

    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

  7. Jag vill verkligen vara med och tävla! Lack och parfym – kan ju inte bli göttigare. Och nu lajkar jag och följer för fullt! ;)


  8. I love applying nail polish these days. Because of my short fingers(nails), I used to feel insecure but not anymore. Thank you for giveaway ^^

    email address: hanasolbom(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Hi there :) I LOVE apples, and all their awesome colors so this is an amazing giveaway! I follow you via facebook as BreAnn Shepherd.
    I’d like to enter the International giveaway. I am from Georgia, USA :)
    My email is

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  11. Klart jag vill vara med!! :D
    Jag är svensk men bor utomlands, så jag hamnar väl “internationell”.
    Min email xidunx snabel-a gmail punkt com

  12. Å va roligt!! ;)
    Har precis funnit min stora passion i naglar och några nya lack hade gjort underverk i min lilla men ständigt växande samling. Jag är gärna med i svenska lottningen.

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