Review: Essence – Irreplaceable

Här kommer en goding jag var tvungen att skaffa mig efter att ha sett Nihridas bilder. Jag vill verkligen ha något lättaplicerat med gyllene flecks som ändå ser neutralt ut på nageln. Morgonmanikyrvänlig och okej på jobbet. Irreplaceable verkade uppfyllaallt detta, men på mig blev det tyvärr mycket mörkare. Jag tycker det ser mycket vackrare ut på hennes hand. Det blir nog swaplistan för denna fining.

Here comes a beauty I had to have after seeing Nihrida‘s swatches of it. It looked so delicate and yet neutral and work appropriate on her nails, exactly the kind of polish I’m always looking for. Gold flecky goodness. Sadly it came out much darker on my nails than I wanted, so this baby will probably end up on my swap list.

Application: Two easy coats. Topped with Seche Vite. Can be a one-coater.
Dry time: Normal
Finish & colour: Greyed out beige with wonderful gold fleck. The green shimmer that my camera caught isn’t visible irl though. The closeup isn’t colour accurate, it’s too dark.
Dupe/sister: Zoya Jules, check comparison at Sonidlo.
Total: 3/5
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20 thoughts on “Review: Essence – Irreplaceable

  1. Oooh! Now we’re talking. :D I really love this one. Neutrals with a little something extra are among my favourite polishes. This goes in my “Essence” list for the next time I’m in Vienna and can do Essence shopping. ;)

    Or. I will check out your swap list. :D

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