OPI – Russian Navy matte

Inatt har jag suttit uppe riktigt länge och fipplat med lacken, swatchat och fotat och lyssnat på radiodokumentärer. Hittade denna gamla favorit i obloggathögen. Vid första anblicken är det väl inte direkt en sommarfärg, men egentligen tycker jag att det är kul att kontrastera den här typen av hårda lite råa lack med tunna sommartyg och milda färger. Kontraster är kul!

I’ve been up half this past night swatching and playing around with polishes and taking pics. I found this old favourite in my unblogged pile, and thought I’d finally remedy that. At first glance it’s not really a summer colour, but actually it can be. It has a hard quality that is fun to contrast with dreamy summer fabrics, whites and pinks.

Collection: OPI Matte Collection 2009
Application: Can cover with one thick coat, but I prefer two thinner coats to avoid patchiness. You can see a little patchiness on my ring finger.
Dry time: I love how mattes and suedes dry so fast! However with this one I’d wait a minute between coats.
Finish & colour: Matte version of Russian Navy, looks a little like ink colored rubber on the nails. The “original” and the matte version don’t look anything like each other. In my opinion this polish should have been given a whole new name and identity.
Cons: Mattes have a tendency to really show the tiniest flaw on the nail surface. That’s why I prefer suedes to mattes, the shimmer in the suedes mask any nail ridges or imperfections.


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