Scratch Nails – Sparkle Deco & Top Coat collection part 2

Här kommer den andra delen av min sammanfattning av Scratch Nails effektlack. Det är en permanent kollektion som heter Sparkle Deco & Top Coat och hittills består av 10 lack. Klicka för att förstora!

Del 1 var en närmre titt på trion Juicy, Tutti och Frutti. I denna del har jag testat resterande sju lack över Scratch Nails svarta cremelack Jet. Alla effektlack är i ett flödigt lager, utan överlack.

This is part 2 of the overview of Scratch Nails’ effect polishes, a permanent collection called Sparkle Deco & Top Coat that today consists of 10 polishes. Click pics to enlarge!

Part 1 of the review was a closer look on the trio Juicy, Tutti and Frutti. In this part I’ve tried the remaining seven polishes over Scratch Nails creme black polish Jet. All the swatches  are one generous coat, no top coat.

1- Satin Gold over black.
2- Brilliant over black.
3- White Silver over black.
4- White Diamond over black
5- Sparkling Lilac over black
6- Juicy over black
7- Tutti over black
8- Frutti over black
9- Hologram Silver over black
10- Hologram Gold over black
11- Juicy + Tutti + Frutti, 1 coat each over black
12- Juicy, 3 coats
13- Tutti, 3 coats
14- Frutti, 3 coats

Satin Gold has a clear base with sparse gold micro shimmer. It’s the most discrete effect polish I’ve ever seen.

Brilliant is very pigmented and almost completely covers the base colour. It has a clear base and is packed with gold and silver pigment. Gold dominates.

White Silver seems to have a little duochromatic flash, there is a hint of green and purple shimmer in it. Mostly silver shimmer though, the flat type of shimmer that reminds me of glass flecks.

White Diamond is totally unique. In the bottle it doesn’t look purple at all, more of a milky pink gray shade with sparse silver micro glitter. The purple effect is a total surprise and is most obvious over a dark base. I can’t wait to try this over a lighter shade, that will be a post of its own.

Sparkling Lilac is less purple than White Diamond, and really deserves the name Lilac. It has a greyed out lilac base with very subtle blue/lilac pigment particles and with the same silver micro glitter as White Diamond, but more of it.

Hologram Silver is your basic prismatic glitter top coat, reminds me of China Glaze Nova. It’s buildable, I’d say 3-4 coats for opacity.

Hologram Gold has the same prismatic glitter as its silver sibling, but much less. The gold effect is the same type of shimmer as in Satin Gold, but more in quantity. This is also buildable, but probably not to the extent of covering the nail line.

There is something very satisfying in composing a complete overview of a collection. This particular collection is very versatile, and I I think that it has some surprises left. I really want to try some of these over a light base, Brilliant for example. White Diamond could be really awesome over a darker green or a light purple. And Satin Gold might be discreet enough to give an unexpected twist to a neon base. What do you think?

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