IsaDora – Mellow Yellow

Even though this exact shade is one of my absolute favourites, the finish puts me off this polish a bit. A yellow frost might work for me in theory, a yellow version of this polish is a dream of mine. But Mellow Yellow isn’t one of those good frosts I adore. It’s streaky and applies patchy, evens out after three coats. It may look nice and soft in my pics, but irl it looks like a mistake. Maybe I’ll change my mind some day, I usually fall for polishes that look a bit “wrong” and off, but right now this isn’t my cup of tea at all.

6 thoughts on “IsaDora – Mellow Yellow

    • Det gör ju det, sådär mjukt som jag faktiskt gillar. Fast det blev inte alls samma känsla på nageln :( Det såg bara tantigt ut på mig.

  1. I really love this color, but the name is great too. I remember a soda called Mellow Yellow. I loved it.

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