Purple ombre

I’m in ombre-mood! And currently on a purple high. Since I’m out of white polish I got it into my head to try a light-to-dark ombre with a twist: mixed finishes. Which was a bad idea:

Pinkie is Kicks’ shimmer Purple Rain, mixed to thumb with Pieces Heavy Metal, which has bigger shimmer particles that really dominates the remaining four nails. I took this off pretty fast, the odd pinkie looked too ridiculous…

Kicks – Gröna Lund

Idag bjuder jag på några arkivbilder från i april, på vad som kan vara sommarens grönaste lack. Med det finaste namnet. Jag är inte mycket för nöjesparker, bergochdalbanor skrämmer livet ur mig och köer är det värsta jag vet… Men Lustiga Huset är jag svag för! Det kanske är dags att ge Grönan en ny chans i sommar?

Det här är två lite patchiga lager, och med Seche Vite ligger torktiden på ca 10 min. Det är inte en neon, men bra nära och det kanske finns en smula neonpigment i. Jag misstänker att det är en dupe till Color Club Twiggie, är det nån som har båda?

Today I post some archive pics from April. This could be the greenest polish of this summer, plus it has the cutest name! Gröna Lund is the amusement park of Stockholm and it translates to something like Green Grove.

This is two rather patchy coats, and with Seche Vite it dries in about 10 minutes. It’s not a true neon but I bet there is some neon pigment in there. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s a dupe of Color Club Twiggie.

Subway of the Day: Trilobite fossil of Kungsträdgården station.

The Apple Giveaway

Finally! I get around to posting this giveaway I’ve been planning since fall.
I got the idea to this when Steve Jobs passed away. It felt right to organize an Apple-themed giveaway, partly as a tribute to the courage of an innovator and partly to put together a little “fruit basket” of some of my very favourite brands as a thanks to you for reading my little blog.

The nice people at Zoya Sweden, and Swedish brands Scratch Nails and Kicks, are generously sponsoring with two polishes of each. That means this giveaway will be double, one part national and one international, both parts with the same polishes. The Swedish part has one DKNY Golden Delicious perfume.

The polishes:
Scratch NailsOne Apple a Day
KicksArmy Jacket and Cannes Carpet (the names aren’t apple-related, but I think the colours are :))

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post. Just give me a valid email address and say if you’re Swedish or international. Only one entry per person and you can participate in either the Swedish or the international part, not both. The giveaway is open until February 12th, that’s two weeks. I’ll let the winners know by email. Good luck!

Off course I will be very happy if you like Lacky Nails on Facebook, or follow me in some other way, Bloglovin or Twitter for example. (You’ll find all that stuff in my side bar.)

This giveaway is now closed. The winners are announced here. Thanks for entering everyone, and thanks for all your kind comments. I had so much fun with this and hope to host another giveaway soon again. <3

Kicks Metro Grey

Jag matchar vädret och har på mig ett väldigt grått Kickslack, Metro Grey. Jag har gjort en funky french av den, ska försöka hinna ta kort på den ikväll. Trevlig men ospännande grå, ungefär som en måndag i oktober.

Blending in with the grey weather today, with a very regular but nice gray polish from Kicks. I turned into a funky french, vill try to take a pic of it when I get home today.

Collection: Released 2011, but I don’t know if it’s permanent
Application: Smooth, this is two coats.
Dry time: Okay
Finish & colour: Medium grey with a little silvery shimmer that doesn’t really show, but makes the polish seems softer on the nail. It is a shimmer polish, but feels like a creme on the nail.
Total: 3/5
Curiosity of the day: If you mouth the word “colorful” to someone, it looks like you are saying “I love you”.

Kicks Cha Cha Red

Det här är mer rött än något rött lack jag har. Riktigt så det skränar. Jag älskar det!
This is the reddest of all my red polishes. A noisy and in your face-red. I love it!

Collection: I think permanent line.
Application: This is two coats, smooth like butter, topped with Seche Vite.
Dry time: Normal
Finish & colour: Very very red. But I wouldn’t say it’s a pure red because as you can see the edges are pinkish.
Total: 3
Palindrome of the day
: Never odd or even