Purple ombre

I’m in ombre-mood! And currently on a purple high. Since I’m out of white polish I got it into my head to try a light-to-dark ombre with a twist: mixed finishes. Which was a bad idea:

Pinkie is Kicks’ shimmer Purple Rain, mixed to thumb with Pieces Heavy Metal, which has bigger shimmer particles that really dominates the remaining four nails. I took this off pretty fast, the odd pinkie looked too ridiculous…

NOTD Pieces Heavy Metal

Here is yesterdays man-icure on my own nails, this is one of my Pieces-finds from a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited when I saw this, it looked really hot in the bottle (I wonder if that is how Aladdin described the genie…) and I couldn’t resist it. This is two coats, no top coat. Formula is a little thin but okay. It’s not a super unique colour but I know I’ll be using this when I’m wearing black, I love the combo.

Man-icure #1

I must have missed posting..
because here comes another post :)

I finally found a brave man who’s on board with my new little nail project. Man-icures! This idea has been marinating in my brain for a while.
Us nail-bloggers do have male readers, there are polishes made for men (ah yes I do highly praise BB Couture, both their polishes, their polish-names and their creative thinking). Yet there’s a huge lack of photos out there of men wearing polish.
So, for fun and to make at least one equality-agitator out there happy: the first man-icure of this blog. Don’t you just hate that pun btw?
This is Pieces Heavy Metal, two coats, no top coat.


Finally I have time and energy to swatch this. I’m feeling much better, the fever has dropped and now I’m ship shape again. I hate being sick, I become such a cry baby.
This is Caramel Camel (I love the name) from my recent Pieces haul. It does remind me of caramel. Application wasn’t perfect, it went on uneven and I needed four coats. It’s also a little on the sheer side. This is without top coat.
Doesn’t it look exactly like infant poo? I adore these ugly weird shades.

Formula/Applikation: Lite tricksig, blir lätt flammig. Detta är fyra lager utan topplack.
Förpackning: Jag gillar den faktiskt, trots korken. Om man håller den med tummen mot kortsidan blir dett ill och med bekvämt.
Torktid: Längre än medel, tunna lager rekommenderas.
Färg: Gulbrun med lite orange i. Tänk sirap, eller kolasås. Eller bebisbajs!
Helhet: 4/5. Minus för applikationen, jag gillar inte att behöva lacka mer än tre lager.