French Fringe?

Nej inte fringe som i teveserien, den har jag faktiskt inte sett alls. Snarare fransar! Mattfransar kanske. Och visst finns det nån liten likhet med riktigt svärtade ögonfransar?
Hursom, det här är det första i nagelväg som jag gjort på ett tag, och det var ännu längre sen jag fotade. Min kamera har nog fått sig en törn för autofokus är helt off, så det kommer nog bli lite halvtaskiga bilder framöver.
Jag älskar halvnakna naglar just nu, och är nog påväg in i en seriös funky french-fas, så det här får bli en halvdarrig mjukstart. Jag använde vanlig tejp som jag klippte till i fransar och ett matt svart lack. Matta lack är inte det smartaste att använda till tejpmanikyr eftersom man ska ta bort tejpen innan lacket torkar, men det hade jag ju glömt. Trots det gick det rätt snabbt att åstadkomma och med lite SV blev det en ok helhet. På håll ser det här faktiskt inte alls dumt ut och jag kommer nog leka med det ett par till gånger.

Fringe 1Fringe 2
No, not Fringe as in the TV-series! More like carpet fringe.This look isn’t very flattering up close when all the flaws are magnified, but it’s quite cool seen from a distance. And really, who looks at our nails as close as the camera does?
I used tape and a black matte polish for this, topped with SV for glossiness. I’m very into half naked nails at the moment. Doesn’t it look a bit like eyelashes?

Fringe 3

OPI – See Ya Later Sailor!

See ya Later, Sailor! has gott to be one of the best layering polishes I ever used. It has so many faces. The sheer blue base transforms darker base colors into turquoise with green flashes. Over a purple (like in this pics) the purple shimmer comes out on the sides. Over a green polish the purple comes out even more. Too bad my camera didn’t manage to catch it that well this time. The icy blue flecks are always there. I need to try this over a baby blue to see what happens, and also over a yellow – maybe it will turn green?
This is one coat over a no brand dark cool toned purple. You’ll definetly see this on the blog again! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Sandy Sandwich – inspired by the Nailasaurus

I wasn’t really going for a clown vomit type of manicure yesterday evening, but when I saw this I had to try it. I didn’t intend for it to be this gray though, I wanted that sandy loveliness that the Nailasaurus composed. But that’s hard to achieve when the Helmer contains no sandy shades. Note to self.

I used Depend #312 from this summer as base, the glitter is of course Milani Gems. Everything topped with one coat of Essie Ballet Slippers, which is excellent for topping jelly sandwiches.

Thanks for the inspiration, ms Nailasaurus!

Purple ombre

I’m in ombre-mood! And currently on a purple high. Since I’m out of white polish I got it into my head to try a light-to-dark ombre with a twist: mixed finishes. Which was a bad idea:

Pinkie is Kicks’ shimmer Purple Rain, mixed to thumb with Pieces Heavy Metal, which has bigger shimmer particles that really dominates the remaining four nails. I took this off pretty fast, the odd pinkie looked too ridiculous…

NYX Gilded Glitter random spam

Two lousy old pictures of a marvelous layering polish. Gilded Glitter keeps growing on me.

I’ve been working on a new header for a while and haven’t felt like changing my dipped-in-jam mani. But today it came off, and I’m now leering at mr Helmer.

Hoppas alla haft en fantastisk nationaldag också! <3
Puss på dig Gustav Vasa.