Polish in a pen

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Man-icure #2

Sorry for not posting! A sentence that has become quite usual to hear from me :) I get cought up in a work project and have no time for internet… This time I was translating and subtitling a documentary about a girl from Western Sahara, the last colony in Africa, and haven’t come home before midnight since Sunday. Am I forgiven?

Time for another man-icure! I love these. Recognize the polish?




Man-icure #1

I must have missed posting..
because here comes another post :)

I finally found a brave man who’s on board with my new little nail project. Man-icures! This idea has been marinating in my brain for a while.
Us nail-bloggers do have male readers, there are polishes made for men (ah yes I do highly praise BB Couture, both their polishes, their polish-names and their creative thinking). Yet there’s a huge lack of photos out there of men wearing polish.
So, for fun and to make at least one equality-agitator out there happy: the first man-icure of this blog. Don’t you just hate that pun btw?
This is Pieces Heavy Metal, two coats, no top coat.