OPI – See Ya Later Sailor!

See ya Later, Sailor! has gott to be one of the best layering polishes I ever used. It has so many faces. The sheer blue base transforms darker base colors into turquoise with green flashes. Over a purple (like in this pics) the purple shimmer comes out on the sides. Over a green polish the purple comes out even more. Too bad my camera didn’t manage to catch it that well this time. The icy blue flecks are always there. I need to try this over a baby blue to see what happens, and also over a yellow – maybe it will turn green?
This is one coat over a no brand dark cool toned purple. You’ll definetly see this on the blog again! Isn’t it gorgeous?

An easy way to create a header

For a while now I’ve been looking for a simple way to create a header. I don’t like having heavy programs on my laptop, for the moment I don’t really have the space needed or time to learn to use any, but I still want a somewhat neat and clean blog.

A while ago I found a simple solution. I’m sure some of you already know about and use it, but for you guys who’re still looking for something to fit this description I highly recommend you take a look at PicMonkey, where I created my new header using the Collage tool.

PicMonkey also provides various fun photo editing tools, and a Facebook tool I haven’t tried. It’s free of charge and requires no signing up. I hope you find this useful! Have fun gals :)

IsaDora – Mellow Yellow

Even though this exact shade is one of my absolute favourites, the finish puts me off this polish a bit. A yellow frost might work for me in theory, a yellow version of this polish is a dream of mine. But Mellow Yellow isn’t one of those good frosts I adore. It’s streaky and applies patchy, evens out after three coats. It may look nice and soft in my pics, but irl it looks like a mistake. Maybe I’ll change my mind some day, I usually fall for polishes that look a bit “wrong” and off, but right now this isn’t my cup of tea at all.

Sandy Sandwich – inspired by the Nailasaurus

I wasn’t really going for a clown vomit type of manicure yesterday evening, but when I saw this I had to try it. I didn’t intend for it to be this gray though, I wanted that sandy loveliness that the Nailasaurus composed. But that’s hard to achieve when the Helmer contains no sandy shades. Note to self.

I used Depend #312 from this summer as base, the glitter is of course Milani Gems. Everything topped with one coat of Essie Ballet Slippers, which is excellent for topping jelly sandwiches.

Thanks for the inspiration, ms Nailasaurus!