Green sugar and Rococo

Det här är en av mina älsklingskombosar – lila och grönt. Gärna citrongult till också. Så när dessa flaskor hamnade bredvid varann på skrivbordet kunde jag inte låta bli ett kombinationsförsök. Det var också första gången jag testade Mistletoe Kisses, som jag trånat efter jättelänge och äntligen fått i en swap med den mycket saknade Annika. Lycka!!! Visst ser det ut som grönt socker? Älskar den här kombinationen, just nu kan jag inte komma på någon jag gillar mer men för säkerhets skulle klassar jag den som en av top 5.

This is one of my most loved colour combinations – green and purple. Maybe with a little cool toned yellow too. So when I found these two polishes standing next to each other I had to try combining them. It was the first time I used Mistletoe Kisses, which I’ve been lemming for a long time and finally got my hands on in a swap with Annika. Joy!! Doesn’t it look like green sugar? This is a layering combo I’m very happy with, I’d say top 5 in my book.

Tunnelbana of the Day:
Can’t remember which station, but I’m sure it’s on the blue line. Pink extravaganza! Who said concrete (or jackets) must be gray? <3


Matte layering

Jag har ju glömt lägga upp manikyren som hör till teasern från igår. Här är den, ett par lack som myser under ett lager av alldeles nyinförskaffade Misa Mattifyer. Jag gillar verkligen matta lack ovanpå glitter.

I forgot to post my mani from the teaser y’day. Here it is, a couple of polishes snuggling under a coat of my new Misa Mattifyer. I really like mattified glitter.

Combination: 2 coats of Elle’s Spell, one coat of no brand glitter from Egypt, topped with one coat of Misa Mattifyer.
Application & dry time: I really really should have let the glitter dry completely before applying the matte top coat. It just never dried, and I had to take it off because I dented it everywhere. I’m not sure if the top coat is to blame here, this is the first time I use Misa’s Mattifier.
Combo total: 2/5. Huge minus for long dry time. I also wish the flakes of Elle´s Spell weren’t so covered up…

Curiosity of the Day:  The word “butler” derives from the Old French bouteleur (cup bearer), from bouteille, (bottle), and ultimately from Latin. The role of the butler, for centuries, has been that of the chief steward of a household, the attendant entrusted with the care and serving of wine and other bottled beverages which in ancient times might have represented a considerable portion of the household’s assets.

Jelly sandwich – attempt 1

Idag har jag experimenterat lite med jelly sandwiches och det här är en av kombinationerna jag fotade. Lacken jag använt är Color Club Soft as Cashmere, ett skirt cremelack som är svårt att få opakt med mindre än tre lager, och China Glaze Medallion.

Today I’ve been experimenting with jelly sandwiches and this is one of the combos I took pictures of. The polishes I used are Color Club Soft as Cashmere, a sheer creme that needs at least three coats to build up opacity, and China Glaze Medallion.

Application & dry time: SaC/Medallion/SaC/Medallion/SaC. The last coat of SaC was very patchy and uneven. It wasn’t the best polish to use for this purpose since it’s not a real jelly, and it doesn’t let the glitter show as much as I’d have liked. Dry time was okay in total, but I guess that is because SaC dries really fast and can be applied in super thin coats which combined with the long dry time of Medallion evens the whole thing out to average dry time.
Finish & colour: One upside with this combo is that the pigment in SaC turns the light cool gold glitter of Medallion a little orange, which was totally unexpected and really funky.
Combo total: 2/5
Curiosity of the day: Last 2 European countries to let women vote: Switzerland (1971) and Liechtenstein (1984).

Subway of the Day: