NOTD OPI Sonora Sunset *

På min filmvisning för några veckor sen fick jag ett OPI-lack i present av fina Sarah som kommit dit för att titta. Jag swatchade det så fort jag kom åt och när jag insåg att det faktiskt var ett lack från Painted Desert-kollektionen blev jag lite till mig. Det är en kollektion jag kikat på ett par gånger, bara för namnets skull. Ökenlandskap och ökenliv har en särskild plats i mitt hjärta, jag tycker Painted Desert är det finaste namn på en kollektion jag någonsin hört. Färgen på Sonora Sunset påminner mig faktiskt om de sandstenar jag samlade på som barn, vissa sedimentlager kunde vara allt från blå till orange till just rosa.

At the screening of my documentary a couple of weeks ago cute Sarah came bearing gifts – the equally cute Sonora Sunset from OPIs Painted Desert collection. This collection has my very favourite name ever and I’m very happy to own a polish from it. I have a close relationship to deserts, and this polish makes me think of the sand stones i used to collect as a child. Their sediment layers could be anything from blue to orange to this type of pink.

Collektion: Painted Desert
Formula: This is three thin coats. Wonderful formula. Very durable, I remember wearing this without a top coat and I got no chipping for the 24 hours I wore it.
Dry time: Not very fast but okay.
Colour: Dusty pink with pink shimmer. I love this kind of dusty “pink surprise” that shifts in different lights. Indoors it feels brownish, outdoors it feels a little terracotta.
Helhet: 3/5
Curiosity of the Day: Before he became president, Lyndon Johnson was a teacher at a small school in South Texas.

* Post updated with new photos.

OPI Ridge Filler

I’ve been using OPIs ridge filler for several months and now it’s review-time!

Sadly, my very first impression of it was negative. The formula was way thicker than I expected and it was really hard to manage on the nail. With thick coats it did even out the ridges but instead it left bumps and lumps of its own. The trick is to get the right amount on the brush and brush it onto the nail in one stroke, and then keep away from it until it dries. The wide brush actually made this easy once I got used to it, but I still needed to keep the coat really thin to avoid dragging and lumps.
That meant I needed two layers to get a completely smooth nail, but I hardly ever take the time to do that, which off course means the ridge filling effect is not optimal.

To conclude, the formula is okay once I mastered the application technique, as is the drying time for thin coats, but the end result isn’t what I want in a ridge filler.  Also taking in consideration that OPI is quite expensive here in Sweden I probably will not continue using this product.
I actually prefer some of the budget brand ridge fillers out there, like Depend for example. The downside of budget brand base coats however is you get all those cheap chemicals directly on your nail instead of getting a buffer between the goo and your body.

Now I’m on a hunt for a new base coat, preferably a ridge filler. What base coats do you guys use? Any recommendations?

OPI Take the Stage

Idag blir det ett par dåliga bilder på ett fantastiskt lack. Mina naglar är riktigt sneda och fula, vintern har verkligen gått hårt åt dem och applikationen blev lite hafsig också. Men lacket är underbart, tror de flesta känner igen OPIs Take the Stage vid det här laget.

Kollektion: Burlesque, 2010
: Ganska tjock och liksom grynig men inte helt oangenäm. Väldigt välpigmenterad. Tog ett tag innan jag fick in snitsen, nästa gång kommer det bli mycket lättare för nu vet jag hur det funkar. Tunna lager rekomenderas. Detta är tre alldeles för tjocka lager. Inget topplack.
:  Långsam.
: Vet inte än.
: Drooool… jag önskar verkligen jag hade denna i höstas när jag var riktigt sugen på orange och foil. Den är djupt och intensivt mörk orange, tänk förgyllda höstlöv i solsken.
: 4/5

By now I think everyone recognizes OPI’s Take the Stage from the Burlesque collection, she doesn’t really need a presentation. Well-pigmented albeit a little thick, or maybe that was just my bottle. Sorry for the sloppy application and for the horrible state of my winter nails. This is three coats but I put them on too thick, three thin coats would have been ideal. I wish I had this beauty last fall during my serious foil and orange craving, it would have been a perfect fix.